Monday, July 25, 2016


Artist Montano St. Jules has been in the game for several years.  The Canadian Photographer's roots stem from the beautiful island of Trinidad & Tobago, "I don't take pictures I create ART."  Montano who also goes by the tag name, "TheArtof1" gives us a glimpse of his life behind the lens.  Check out the interview below... 


Q. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you be and why?

A: I believe as an artist I would have the greatest appreciation for the work that I do in Europe. Paris ,Italy, Germany etc all have a long history of love and support for the arts.


Q. Why did you become a photographer?

A: I started as a fine artist with drawing and painting as my main forms of visual expression. I chose photography mainly as a compromise based on the predominant use of this visual medium in the commercial world of business. Looking around and trying to find a practical use for my natural creative skills it became obvious that mostly all businesses depended on images to a considerable degree. Drawings such as graphic illustrations are also used but to a much lesser degree and paintings are used still to a lesser degree. The great thing about having all my background in the fine arts is that the same principles can be used for creating art using the camera. Capturing what is there is what the camera does, capturing what is felt is what I do.

Q. Have you ever had a creative block? If so how would you advise other artist to get through this situation ?

A: Creative blocks are rare for me as my creative process largely depends on words. Words for me stimulate visuals. My process will usually start with the name of the piece that I choose to tackle. For example lets say I chose the word PAIN. This word will now be meditated upon and will stimulate visuals which relate to and are associated with it. Facial expressions, wounds, tears... are all visual cues that are in direct correlation to the word pain. This is my process.

Q. Have you ever wanted to pursue another career other than photography, If so what would you do and why?

A: I am a natural speaker and teacher so if I wasn't such a active artist I would teach. I am also very health conscious so practicing natural medicine would have also been a good choice for me. I love helping people in every way.


Q. Describer your most difficult breakup.  How did you get through it? 

A: Getting through any difficult breakup is a process and a matter of time. There is no magic formula and everyone deals with their pain differently. As an artist repurposeing that pain creatively can and did lead to great work. 
Nuff said! LOL!

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Location: Toronto, Canada
Social Media: Twitter/Instagram @TheArtof1

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