Tuesday, July 19, 2016


You have admired a Music Artist or Ball Player from afar... You keep up with their latest actions, and you respect his/her talents. You feel some kind of affection towards this person all though you have never met them face to face. The thought of them makes you smile, and feel all giddy inside when you see them come across your TV screen... These feelings are similar to Love, but how can you be in Love with someone who doesn’t even know you exist?? Could this be the beginning of a ... Groupie Luv!

In reality there is nothing wrong with having admiration for someone. It’s easy to look up to a public figure and feel some sort of attraction to them. Whether it’s because of their talents and gifts or because of the way they claim power and attention. After all who wants someone who is just sitting around not making moves? The people that are the most appealing often times are the ones who are action takers, and leaders. You look up to them because they have stepped up to the plate, and done things that other people have only dreamed to do. So why wouldn’t you feel some kind of attraction for them?

The Term Groupie is defined as---- "An ardent fan of a celebrity, someone who follows a group/artist around on tours. An admirer of a celebrity who attends as many of his or her public appearances as possible."

So how does this admiration turn into a Sexual Attraction? You start off as a fan “A devotee or enthusiast", and then the next thing you know you are being referred to as a Groupie which is a "Fan" to the tenth power. The feelings you develop go from being basic to sexual, and you start fantasizing about this unknown person in a romantic sense. Whenever you see them in an interview, or video you start to imagine how it would be to have them in your life for real, and you become intrigued to know about all the moves they make. Some people may say these feelings are crazy, and down right obsessive, but are they really? What’s wrong with wanting to know about someone you’re attracted to? I feel your admiration only becomes dangerous when you take an aggressive action toward your crush, and you do and say things that are out of your character in order to gain their affection or temporary love.

Having a "Groupie Luv" is perfectly safe in my opinion as long as you do not put yourself in harms way or degrade yourself or your body in order to get a temporary fix. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t believe all groupie luv involves an exchange of sexual favors. I feel you can look up to someone, follow their progress, be attracted to them and go on to build a plutonic relationship with them. After all aren’t Entertainers and Athletes normal people too? They Love, Cry, and get their Hearts Broken just like everyone else. So why do you have to be called names just because you admire someone, or because you fantasize about a person in a sexual way. Isn’t this a normal feeling? Why wouldn’t you have sexual thoughts for someone you find attractive? Whether they are in the lime light or not!

There are all types of Luvs, and I personally feel that nothing is wrong with "Groupie Luv" as long as that love doesn’t turn into a Dangerous Fatal Attraction. No matter what kind of situation you’re in, you have to keep your safety, and self respect as your first priority. If you’re of age, and you can wake up in the morning and be proud of what you did the night before then who’s to judge? You have to be happy and fulfilled with yourself, and be able to live with your actions, and choices in life. I feel "Love" is a beautiful thing, but you need to always have love and respect for yourself before you can have Love for anyone else. Keep in mind that Artist and Athletes again are just people. They are not Gods or Untouchable Creatures. 

I feel it’s important to understand that most people who are currently in the lime light once had a “Groupie Luv” too! They have looked up to artist/entertainers on TV, and have been attracted to them, followed their progress, and had sexual thoughts about them. It’s completely normal, and innocent in nature to have a “Groupie Luv”, at least until you take aggressive action, and then it becomes something more.


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