Monday, August 22, 2016


Do you get nervous when the person your dating starts saying things like, "I Miss You" "I Cant Stop Thinking About You" or " Lets be Exclusive” ? Do you find yourself always running for the heels every time someone says the words, "I Love You” ? If this sounds like you, or someone you know You Or that other person may be suffering from....


Commitment Phobia is very common. In fact most people have it and don’t even realize it because it’s embedded in their subconscious.Let’s face it, everyone is scared of being hurt by love and that’s ok because fear is a part of life, but if this fear is stopping you from experiencing the great things that love has to offer than you may want to do a bit of self reflection. Fear is an emotion that usually comes from past experiences.

If you have witnessed a string of negative relationships from your family or friends for example you could unconsciously be running from love because you don’t want to endure the same heart breaking end results. You could also build Commitment Phobia from opening up to someone in the past, and becoming deeply wounded or betrayed because of it, but just because you are afraid of something doesn’t mean you can’t overcome it. 

Love has many more positives than negatives. Think back to the beginning of your relationships, and not the end. Remember when you couldn’t wait to see that person after a long day of work... Just the thought of their face or the sound of their voice would make you feel so overwhelmed with joy and happiness. That is the image you should hold in your mind when you think of the word LOVE, because love is about joy and happiness not pain and heartbreak. 

As in all situations you have to take the good with the bad, and you should always evaluate your past relationships so you can learn from them and grow, but you should never dwell on the past or become so obsessed with it, that it holds you back from your future! Commitment Phobia may be a part of life, but it does NOT have to be a Permanent Life Threatening disease without a Cure.Real Love Can Heal a Broken Heart! So think happy thoughts, and you will find the one who makes you feel happiness for eternity!

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