Friday, July 15, 2016


Recently I got the chance to speak with a very funny Entertainer from Chicago named, Corey Calvert.  He spoke about his career, and how he deals with various situations in life.  Check out the interview below...


Q: What was your childhood fear growing up? 

A: To be completely honest the only thing I can say I feared as a child was not being successful as an adult. It's hard to say I feared anything as a child, maybe more towards 16 or 17 is when I can remember feeling fear.


Q: How long have you been working as a comedian? 

A: I have been doing comedy now going on 8 years or so. Only for the last year has it been a full time career choice. I have always held some sort of job or another for security and comfort as some people would say.

Q: Who are your biggest career influences and why? 

A: Will Smith and Eddie Murphy, I've been watching Eddie Murphy since I was a child he was the first stand up comic I had ever seen or heard of, I grew up watching his movies even though I should not have been because I was too young lol. He broke down barriers. Simply the greatest. Will Smith is a whole different animal. He is not a stand up comic at all but what he has done with his career is amazing and motivating. He went from a simi comical rapper to National TV star to big screen award winning actor. And he still makes rap music, not the best in my opinion but dammit he is still doing it lol

Q: Describe your first experience on stage. 

A: My first time on stage was November 2008 Chicago Improv (Schaumburg). I remember it like it was yesterday, I was extremely nervous because this was the graduation show for the writing class I had taken to learn comedy. Everyone in the class had voted that I would go first because the set I had wrote and read out loud to the class wasn't funny to everybody. I had invited everybody from my corporate job at the time and my wife at the time. I felt like I was going to pass out when I first opened my mouth lol but my first joke hit so hard I could feel over 400 people laughing, the vibration felt amazing; I kept going and they just got louder and louder and by the time my set was over they were standing and clapping. The rest of the class didn't do so well lol.

Q. What is your ultimate career goal? 

A: To provide love, positivity and laughter to the masses.


Q. Have you ever cheated on someone in a relationship? If so Why?

A. Yes, lack of appreciation; feeling worthless in a relationship with no way out and all else is failing, and I needed to feel loved.

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Location: Sacramento, California
Social Media: Twitter/Instagram @coreykcal

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